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Hannah Lamb is an illustrator and muralist born and raised in the heart of Columbus, Ohio.

Currently, she is a senior studying for her BFA in Illustration at Columbus

College of Art & Design with an expected graduation date of May of 2024. She was

awarded the CCAD Discovery District Scholarship upon her admittance to CCAD.

Most of Hannah’s inspiration for her art comes from nature, tattoos and music. Her subject

matter often includes animals, people, and plants. Hannah’s work is mostly

created with traditional mediums, such as ink, charcoal and watercolor.

She also uses Adobe and Procreate for her digital works. Hannah also

has experience assisting and leading in children’s art lessons and has a deep

passion for sharing her artistic talents with the youth and her community. When she’s not sitting down

creating work, Hannah can be found exploring new parks and places around Ohio

with her friends, or raising her animals and caring for her plants.

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